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Capri Three Quarter Length Tights – When Fashion Goes Round In Circles

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Capri Three Quarter Length Tights

After months of uncertainty, Capri Three Quarter Length Tights from Pamela Mann have finally arrived. Their popularity is even amazing the team who introduced them.

In a 2002 interview with G3 Magazine, Siobhan Fahey (of Bananarama and Shakespears Sister fame) famously said, “Fashion goes round in circles”. With the seemingly relentless invasion of 80’s and 90’s pop groups reforming; of which Bananarama are now a member of the invaders, going on tour in 2017 almost 40 years after they originally formed, that quote could easily read, “Music goes round in circles.”

When she originally made this comment she was, talking about music. She mentioned she enjoyed looking back at old records, listening to them again, noticing how music fashion goes round in circles. The song may vary slightly, with changes in tempo, words changed to fit a modern listening audience and the addition of extra vocals or instruments, but the essence of the original piece remains.

Listen to the original of Always On My Mind (Willie Nelson, 1970). Then listen to the Elvis Presley version (1973) and the Pet Shop Boys take on it (1987). The base song is the same in all three of them, it has just gone in a circle with slight alterations. To solidify the point consider “A Little Less Conversion”. Originally sung in the 1968 film “Live a Little, Love a Little” it became a huge hit in 2002 for Junkie XL.

You are probably wondering why we are talking about music on a hosiery blog. Shouldn’t we be discussing tights, stockings or the latest trends?

Well just as in music, fashion goes in circles as well. There are always the perpetual favourites that will never go completely out of fashion, can be worn with virtually anything and if aren’t available in your shop of choice make you rethink your choice. Stockings such as hold up lace tops, opaque tights and fishnets are amongst them. Can you imagine going into your local boutique and not having any opaques to choose from? That could be the last visit you make.

In hosiery terms, circles may be completed by the addition of a bow, change of pattern, increased or decreased denier. Alternatively why not increase the size of the holes in a fishnet and call it whale net? These are all slight changes to make the legwear look more appealing whilst holding onto the essence of the original hosiery item.

The circle has finally come around for the classic Capri three quarter length tights. They have had several resurgences over the years but this year they look as though they are going to become a major fashion trend, with sales beginning to outshine supply.

Why Buy Capri Three Quarter Length Tights?

We are not talking about leggings or gym pants here. These are 50 denier three quarter tights which offer arguably more advantages in the fashion and trend stakes than leggings. So here are our top five reasons to buy at least one pair of Capri tights today.

Low Cost

At only £5.99 retail a pair Capri three quarter length tights do not have to break the bank. They offer a low-cost entry into this emerging trend.

Footwear Neutral

Unlike most hosiery Capri tights are footwear neutral. Would you consider wearing fishnet stockings with flats? Or how about thick thermal tights with 6 inch heels? They just don’t work! However, Capri tights can look fantastic in almost any footwear. They look equally as good with heels as they do with flats.

Outfit Flexible

Matching your legwear with the rest of your outfit can sometimes seem an impossible task, but that is where the flexibility of Capri tights excel. They go equally well with shorts, knee length skirts and above thigh skirts, offering a sleek finish down to your ankles.

Covers Majority of Leg

Many women don’t like wearing tights, equally they don’t have the confidence to go completely bare-legged. Capri’s don’t cover the entire leg. This makes them an excellent halfway house between going bare-legged and full on tights, leaving the foot and ankle area free.


Retro just seems to keep coming back time and time again, Capri three quarter length tights are wonderfully retro. Suitable for many 50’s and 60’s rockabilly outfits where that sleek finish is needed.

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