Gothic Glam, with Pentagram OTK Gothic Tights

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Gothic Tights are have gone glam!

These past couple of fashion seasons have seen some serious 90’s vibes. From tattoo chokers to lots of lace and the trends for gothic glam in particular are going very, very strong. Alexander Wang together with Oscar de la Renta showcased some gorgeous glamorous dark looks. Whilst Vogue has lauded the style as one of autumn’s key styles.

In the last couple of months we have been inundated with requests for pentagram printed tights and we listened. We are proud to launch these gorgeous new Gothic tights (click here to view the range) and help you get the glam Gothic look right now.

So, what does ‘Gothic Glam’ entail? Well, think sensual lace, black chiffon, leather jackets, heels and chokers. Basically the key is to experiment with complimentary fabrics and textures from a very dark colour palette with subtle Gothic touches, creating a sense of intrigue, mystery and glamour. Pamela Mann’s pentagram print tights would add the perfect subtle Gothic element.

We’ll be teaming ours with a lace cami, a leather jacket, black skirt, glam choker and a pair of heels right now. Come autumn and we will be swapping the cami for a chiffon blouse. How will you be teaming your pentagram tights for a glam Gothic look?

Pentagram gothic tights

Cami: Miss Selfridge
Skirt: H&M
Jacket: River Island
Choker: Miss Selfridge
Tights: Pamela Mann
Heels: Louboutins

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