How To Increase Halloween Sales Using Hosiery

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As any good retailer knows you should always be thinking months in advance. Preparing your strategy, refining images and scheduling all those social media posts. Summer may not yet be over,  but planning your Halloween strategy should be a priority. To make the most of this huge sales opportunity you should be investigating ways to increase Halloween sales .

Costumes play a leading role in the Halloween celebrations. Through careful planning and a little thought, this offers an opportunity to increase your Halloween sales using tights, stockings and leggings as accessories and add-on purchases.

You don’t even need to offer costumes! With the growth in popularity of Halloween more and more women are accompanying their day to day wardrobe with something Halloween inspired. That can mean bat earrings, a Halloween phone case, a Gothic top or (as in our case) Halloween inspired tights.

The retail sales are there, waiting for you to grab them with both hands, but where do you start?


How To Increase Halloween Sales In Store

It is very easy to put all your costumes on display on one or more slatwall panels. Then you put all your accessories on the next panel. This leaves it up to the customer to make the decisions regarding what tights will look good with what costume.

When the display is prepared you will probably be imagining which of the accessories will go with which outfit. Calculating how many of each pair of tights you should sell if you sell a certain number of costumes and looking forward to the sound of tills opening.

I question, however, how many of those accessories are actually purchased in the manner you expect? Do you then get to the end of Halloween and wonder why you haven’t sold so many of the wonderful accessories you had on display?

If you are looking to increase Halloween sales, separation of these displays could be the issue. Why not advise a particular pair of tights to go with each costume. Instead of the customer having to hunt for the legwear to go with their devils outfit, one or two pairs of red tights should be next to the costume. This encourages the customer to pick the costume and hosiery up as a set, thereby increasing your sales.

Space may be an issue for when you have dozens of costumes available, but trialling this with a limited number of styles will prove whether this works for you or doesn’t.

Likewise, if you are a bricks ‘n’ mortar store don’t be afraid to mix your tights in with the rest of your Halloween merchandise. All too often I walk around shops and see the usual Halloween offering of brooms, flashing decorations and face paint. Then I go round the corner and see Halloween legwear with the socks and underwear. Is there a rule dictating novelty clothing should never be mixed with non-novelty clothing?

Don’t be afraid to have your tights in two locations, if it is suitable. Are you selling cobweb net tights? Why not display them with your Halloween offering and with the rest of your tights? You need to judge it on a case by case basis, but don’t be afraid to split your displays.


Increase Halloween Sales Online

The ability to have limitless display space is one big advantage of online stores over physical stores. Within reason you can create unlimited products and combinations of those products.

It is therefore tempting to create numerous products which all have the same basic item, but then has a different add on purchase to make it a set. If you look back at sites over 10 years ago this was common practise.

Fortunately, technology has improved and it is relatively simple now to enhance a product. Even for the smallest of online businesses they should be able to recommended extra add-on purchases.  These up-sells and cross-sells can be in the form of recommended purchases or optional extras.

In both of the above options the customer can add the original item to the basket. They are then offered the extra item or sent to a page recommending the item.

Another method which is proving popular is the ability for the user to create a look as they go through the buying process. The user selects the basic item and then goes through a question and answer session. This adds, removes or alters the extras as required. In the computer industry this technique has been used very effectively for many years. Finally it is now making its way into other retail sectors.

In most eCommerce systems the ability to combine items is called “bundling”. All the larger, well established systems offer it, either natively or with the addition of a plug in.

If you don’t fancy the bundling option you could investigate creating interactive outfits on your site using software such as Stylitics. Stylitics allows the website owner to create complete outfit ideas which users can either order in full or in part.

As with many offline shops, online stores tend to pigeonhole products far too rigidly. If you are selling products targeted at Halloween, why only put a portion of your offering in there?

Put yourself in your visitors shoes, coming to your site to buy Halloween goodies. Having one category with everything Halloween related in it is far easier to navigate than needing to jump between categories. More importantly it will increase sales; how can a customer buy something if they can’t find it?

As with the offline world, there are no rules saying you can only have a product in one category. All the major eCommerce systems allow for a product to be in multiple categories, so use the functionality wisely to increase your Halloween sales.

Whether you are an online or offline business the key to enhancing Halloween sales is to know your product. Recommend the right pair of tights with the right costume and you will increase sales. Also don’t be afraid to try new things with your displays and test the water with changes combining different categories into one display.


Increase Halloween Sales


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Stephen is the eCommerce manager for Pamela Mann retail and wholesale. He has worked in the eCommerce industry for longer than he cares to remember and is also an accomplished web developer.