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Maternity Tights to Make You Look and Feel Amazing

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At Pamela Mann we truly believe that there should never have to be a choice between looking and feeling amazing – this means that if you are pregnant, you should not have to choose between tights which are comfortable and tights which look stylish. Which is why we are so proud of our fabulous maternity range of beautiful (and practical) tights.

Why are we so proud of this particular range, you might ask?

Well for one thing, did you know that Pamela Mann’s maternity tights have a very special, built in anti-roll waistband, meaning your pretty tights sit high up (and comfortably) over your bump all day long? Did you also know that our tights are very technically designed to grow with a woman’s bump throughout the different stages of her pregnancy, with the front ‘pouch’ panel having been designed to accommodate pregnancy’s natural growth patterns?

Oh and all our maternity tights are dyed in low liquor ratio machines, without any added chemicals, meaning your tights will be as gentle to your skin as to the environment.

Let’s have a look at some of our favourite tights from our maternity range:


These are a range of every day opaques that every woman simply needs – they come in everything from 50 denier maternity tights to 300 denier, each with a unique silicon waist band.
This product was developed hand in hand with one of the world’s leading maternity retailers, to provide extra comfort and that stay up longer. The anti-roll waistband adds extra hold and allows more freedom of movement and confidence in knowing they will stay in place no matter what. They also have a cotton gusset, making for extra freshness and comfort.

Ps. If you’re looking for something a little warmer, then the state of the art waist band that makes these maternity tights so comfortable and perfect during pregnancy is also used in our maternity super soft grey marl tights, ribbed leggings, and 200 denier thermal tights.

Maternity Sheers

Pamela Mann’s 15 Denier sheer maternity tights are comfortable, durable and are just perfect for the British spring/summer. They contain the special waistband as our other maternity tights, meaning they stretch as your baby bump grows so you don’t have to keep buying larger sizes.

Sandal Toe Tights

Traditionally tights paired with open toes are pretty much a fashion no-no, but when you’re pregnant you shouldn’t have the very best of comfort and style – which means our toeless tights will keep you comfortable, supported and let you wear open toed sandals without showing the tiniest bit of tights!

Maternity plain over the knee tights

These look fabulous with higher hemlines (in the summer these toughen up pretty florals) and our special maternity waistband means you can look amazing and feel fantastic too!

Maternity Solid Sheer Stripe Tights

These are such a pretty pair of tights! The stripes add a little interest to an otherwise sheer black pair of tights, while the black-on-black ensures they remain sophisticated and elegant – perfect paired with a black shift dress. As with all Pamela Mann maternity tights, as well as looking fabulous you and your bump are guaranteed the utmost comfort.

Have a look at our full maternity range click here.

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