Pamela Mann Welcomes International Burlesque Super Star, Talulah Blue

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Pamela Mann Welcomes International Burlesque Super Star, Talulah Blue.FullSizeRender
Pamela Mann is thrilled to announce it is welcoming burlesque dancer, Talulah Blue, on board as a brand ambassador. She’s an amazing dancer (she’s performed in London, Dubai, Bahrain, Switzerland, Italy, Brussels, Hong Kong, Mauritius and has performed on Britain’s Got Talent) and she has such a gorgeous sense of style that she’s styled for Mr Selfridge, ITV’s This Morning, Channel 4’s Hollyoaks, Brides Magazine and Marie Claire magazine. Oh and Talulah also happens to be from Leicester, city of the moment and the birthplace of yours truly.
This would be reason enough for us to be working together, but there is so much more to the story and the relationship between hosiery and burlesque. Firstly, let’s go back to the 17th century, the time when burlesque meant taking well-known characters (often from the works of Chaucer and Shakespeare) and charactering them in a comical manner. At a time when women had very little independence or rights or place in the public arena, the roles of female characters were played by men – adding to the comic effect.
In the 1800s Americans coined the term ‘burlesque’ in reference to variety performances in Cabaret clubs and theatres, in shows that featured bawdy comedic female characters and strip tease. However in an era where it was unacceptable for actors to show their bodies, dancers would dress in tights and costumes to shock and imply nudity.
In Victorian England the common Burlesque costume included steel-boned corsets to enhance extreme hourglass figures, fascinators, satin gloves, high heels and nude coloured stockings to imply nudity without the actual nudity.
The 1940’s – 1960’s saw a great popularity surge in what we now know as modern burlesque, but as strip clubs in the 70s became popular burlesque fell to the wayside. Forward to the late 90s and early 21st Century vintage style was back ‘in’ – with a surge on popularity for everything from the wiggle dress and the circle skirt to the entertainment of the era – swing dancing, rock n’ roll, showgirls and burlesque.
Today, many performers and vintage lovers shun the modern idea of beauty and style for the timelessness of the 1920s to 50s glamour, and what was a revival has become a way of life, right down to the glamorous nude stockings. What was once daringly used as way of getting around the restriction on giving the public glimpses of bare skin, has been reclaimed by todays burlesque dancers and women from all walks of life, each independent and in control of what they do and do not wear, who wear nude stockings and sheer tights as a style statement.
At Pamela Mann we believe that the long history of tights interweaving with burlesque, female emancipation and expression of beauty and style makes Talulah Blue the perfect brand ambassador for our brand and we look forward to working with this beautiful star.
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