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Your Summer Sheers Sorted

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Now that the sun is (finally) making a consistent appearance in the beautiful British skies, we don’t know about you, but we are dreaming of afternoons spent in parks with an ice cream and a good book! Also, of BBQs, garden parties and generally anything that involves being outside and under the glorious sun.

Whilst doing all of the above, we looooove wearing our gorgeous summer wardrobe (Bardot tops, sun dresses, gorgeous sandals…) but it can be a little daunting baring our legs completely after a cold winter and with the British weather being ever so slightly temperamental. The most perfect solution (apart from taking off for hotter shores)? Sheer tights and specifically sheer tights with sandal toes! Allow us to elaborate…

You see, we love sheer tights, they smooth over any blemishes, depending on the colour we go for they give a sun kissed glow and most of all they keep our legs warm. However, they also come with the age old dilemma of not being able to be worn with peep toes and sandals – ruling out some of our most cherished summer footwear. You see the dilemma we have? Well, Pamela Mann’s sheer sandal toe tights solve it perfectly.

You see, they are the perfect shade of nude and being 8 denier give that beautiful bare-legged look, AND have cut out toes, meaning you can wear them with beautiful peep toes and no one will notice you’re actually wearing tights! They are definitely our summer style staple and you can get your pair here

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